• They are the only animal we really ride for pleasure or work or show. Most people believe horses have to be ridden, and if they are not rideable, they are not useful or wanted anymore.
  • They are large, have to be boarded if you do not have land and board is high.
  • They live long lives–sometimes into their 30s and at least well into their 20s.
  • They are expensive to feed, especially now that hay has doubled in price.
  • They are not valued by most of society when they are lame, blind or older.
  • They are not considered family pets such as dogs and cats who stay with you for life.
  • They are sometimes considered an item or possession, like a boat or car or RV–something of value that can be sold to get their moneys worth or back out of.
  • There are less good homes or places for them to go when their owners no longer want them, usually due to lameness or age.
  • They are the most unique animal right now in this country that faces these issues.

Taken from a Facebook post by Nicki Branch, president of FalconRidge Equine Rescue.